The Positive Indicators in October’s US Hotel P&L Data

BROOMFIELD, Colorado—Among the many lessons we’ve all learned during COVID-19, patience surely is at the top of the list.

After the dramatic drops in all metrics earlier this year, STR’s profit-and-loss data for hotels in the U.S. continues to show equally dramatic yet slow improvements. Here are five takeaways from the October P&L report that examine these improvements in more detail.

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Bottom-line improvements
Gross-operating-profit margin grew 6 percentage points from 11.9% in September to 17.9% in October. This growth trickled down and is helping earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization per available room inch away from the red zone, as it moves from -$7.03 in September to -$3.24 in October.

Lower F&B expense contributes to lower break-even point for full-service hotels. Given the low group demand, full-service hotels have had to adapt by reducing their food and beverage operations, more so as it relates to catering and banquets. These changes have brought some relief as F&B-related expenses have declined enough, allowing hotels to break even at lower occupancy levels. Whereas pre-COVID-19 these hotels would break even when occupancy was in the 50%-60% range, now they can do so in the 40%-50% occupancy range.

A few other accomplishments worth noting:

  • Airport hotels nearly tripled their GOPPAR to $7.69, up from $2.81 back in September.
  • Resort hotels and small metro/town outperformed all other locations (all other segments, really). Yet, it was the small metro/town location that lead the way with almost $60 GOPPAR.
  • The luxury class put up a fight in terms of TRevPAR, nearly matching that of resort and Small metro/town hotels but falling short in terms of GOPPAR. Yet, luxury-class hotels, known to lead in GOPPAR by a wide margin, reported the highest GOPPAR among other classes for the first time since February.

Claudia Alvarado is Analytics Manager with STR’s Consulting & Analytics team, based in Broomfield, Colorado.

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